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    Taxi passenger guns down driver in Johannesburg

    A passenger in a minibus taxi gunned down the driver in full view of commuters in Johannesburg on Thursday afternoon before fleeing. The driver was ferrying passengers from Randburg to the Johannesburg CBD at the time. An eyewitness reported the man d apparently asked to be dropped off after a traffic light.

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    WATCH | Luxury watches stolen during robbery at Joburg restaurant

    Demirtas said the two men pulled out firearms and demanded watches and it all happened very fast. There were bags and laptops on the table but they just wanted the watches [and phones]. They took the watches and, as they took phones from on top of the table, a gunshot went off by accident.

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    Zimbabwe: Chiwenga Loses Party Grip, Close Allies Sink

    Having dealt Chiwenga a decisive blow by neutralising his military influence, sources said, Mnangagwa has now firmly set his eyes on decimating his political power base and this explains the decision during the Wednesday's politburo meeting to purge Chiwenga's political allies. The Independent's politburo sources said Chiwenga personally tried in vain to save both Munzverengwi and Nduna from facing stiffer penalties but successfully managed to convince the politburo to rescind the national disci...

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    Matthew McConaughey Says He Didn't Speak To His Mom For Eight Years After He Caught Her Leaking Stories To The Press

    And he added that these days, he's much more comfortable letting her enjoy the limelight: Once I got my career sort of stable and felt on my feet, I let go of the reins and said, "Go get it, Mom. Whatever you want. There's the camera."

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    Expect wetter, cooler weather this summer

    Last year was one of the hottest on record for South Africa since 1951, an average of 1.1°C warmer than between 1981 and 2010. Warmer weather brought with it persistent dry conditions, with the western part of South Africa receiving less than 50% of its normal rainfall. This forms part of the country’s seven-year drought, which spelt disaster for many farming regions in the Northern and Eastern Cape, the South African Weather Service revealed in its annual state of the climate findings.

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    Khayelitsha Development Forum saddened after bodies of missing boys found

    CAPE TOWN - The Khayelitsha Development Forum has expressed sadness following the discovery of the bodies of two boys reported missing a week ago. The children were found in a dam between Old Faure Road and the N2 highway in Mfuleni on Thursday night. The Khayelitsha Development Forum said that since Miyolo Gwinta and Linathi Ntshonga disappeared last Thursday, residents had been patrolling the community day and night, knocking on people’s doors in a desperate attempt to find the 7-year-olds.

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    Two businessmen linked to Gauteng health dept R1.2bn corruption 'out of SA'

    Two businessmen allegedly linked to R1.2 billion tender corruption at the Gauteng health department in 2007 could not be arrested as they are out of the country. John Richard Payne, Phil Austin and their respective companies, Ukwakha Dezign (Pty) Ltd and Life Channel Communications (Pty) Ltd, were expected to appear in the Commercial Crime Court sitting in Palm Ridge on Thursday alongside four former senior department employees.