• Nigerian superstar robbed of R791,000 in Sandton

    Davido, who has received global acclaim for his funky brand of Nigerian music infused with pop and afro soul influences - encountered crime first hand in Johannesburg. Davido was passing through the country en route to Atlanta, USA where he is based and regularly performs.

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  • Get real, white South Africa

    We did it in 1910 when the Union of South Africa was birthed by the British. We did it in 1948 when our new apartheid laws turned us into the most unethically dressed nation in Africa. We did it again in 1961 when the National Party declared South Africa a republic, free from the British Commonwealth. Our newest outfit, the dress from our historic Autumn/Winter 1994 collection, is now 21 years old, and evidently in tatters. Unfortunately, South Africa has never fundamentally changed over the years, we simply changed clothes. The greatest problem we face as a nation is not our neo-liberal imperialist economy that favours US and British capitalist endeavours. It's not that the police criminalise

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  • Drogba just selling books, says Jose - Premier League

    London - Jose Mourinho has slapped down Chelsea legend Didier Drogba, accusing his former player of criticising the club in order to sell books, before telling current striker Diego Costa that he is “not reading the game properly”. Drogba, who scored 164 goals and won 12 major trophies at Chelsea, many of them under Mourinho, had said Chelsea did not have as many leaders as they used to. But the Portuguese hit back last night, saying he had little interest in what he thought was merely promotional material for Drogba's autobiography. “When you speak because you want to sell books, I don't read,” Mourinho said. “I like interviews, I like interviews from big guys like Didier with good journalists

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  • ‘Outsiders in our own land’ - Politics | IOL News

    Johannesburg - Afrikaner political party Front Nasionaal set itself on a collision course with the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) by burning an EFF T-shirt and a poster showing the face of leader Julius Malema. The party led a march to the Union Buildings from the Pretoria Art Museum on Friday to hand over a memorandum, addressed to President Jacob Zuma, signalling its intention to have areas for Afrikaners to live out their heritage and exercise their right to self-determination as per the constitution. The relatively small group, led by Marius Coertze, Front Nasionaal’s legal representative, set the red EFF T-shirt, as well as a poster with Malema’s face on it, alight. Soon afterwards the

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  • Lies won't save SA, Zuma

    The rest of us have been in this state for a very long time, as corruption, poor governance, lack of delivery, crime and lack of leadership have ravaged our country. Many of us have hung our heads in shame as inequality has increased and unemployment has remained an immovable mountain. Many of us have shaken our heads in despair as our leaders have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar. So it was a great pleasure to hear that Zuma understands what the rest of us are going through. Last Tuesday, the president told a group of journalism students that the South African media's reporting is so negative that he feels like fleeing this country at times. "When I go out, people envy South Africans,

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  • Malema failed woodwork again‚ says Mandla Mandela

    Mandla Mandela issued a scathing attack on Julius Malema on Friday‚ accusing the EFF leader of “trash can politics“. In a statement defending ANC policy and practice‚ the grandson of Nelson Mandela said: “It appears‚ though‚ that Julius Malema has capitulated to the kind of thinking that characterised Eugene Terreblanche’s mission to undermine our nascent democracy at any cost.” Mandla Mandela was reacting to a stinging attack on his grandfather by Malema at Oxford University in the United Kingdom on Wednesday. Malema also attacked Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa and businessman Patrice Motsepe at the student forum. “The deviation from the Freedom Charter was the beginning of selling out of

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  • Motsepe shares his riches

    Billionaire Patrice Motsepe's mining business has not done well to the extent that for the first time his African Rainbow Minerals failed to fund his multi-million rand annual donation programme to traditional authorities and faith-based organisations. Motsepe revealed this yesterday at the Sandton Convention Centre while he was disbursing millions of rands to churches and traditional leaders. He said "the mining industry is going through serious challenges". He said the donation funds this year came from the Ubuntu Botho, a partnership between his Motsepe Foundation and insurance group Sanlam. Ubuntu Botho is also the main sponsor for Motsepe's football team Mamelodi Sundowns. "The global mining

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  • A bird? A plane? Or an SAA death spiral? - Independent on Saturday | Opinion

    SAA is in a death spiral and will crash and burn if its incompetant leaders are not removed, writes William Saunderson-Meyer. One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that South African Airways is in a financial death spiral and that unless the heavy hand of incompetence - that of board chair Dudu Myeni - is removed from the rudder, it may crash and burn. There’s a clue in the fact that it has had seven chief executives in three years. A couple were suspended amid allegations of financial impropriety. A couple resigned and a few others were nudged out as soon as Myeni realised they were not as pliant as she wanted. There’s another clue in the fact that its chief financial officer

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  • Security guard bust for stealing R2m

    An Empangeni man became South Africa’s newest and briefest millionaire after he was arrested for snagging a bag containing R2 million in cash. The security guard was arrested earlier this month after he was apparently caught on CCTV walking off with the money at a KwaZulu-Natal business. Empangeni detectives were baffled by the actions of the man who up until the arrest was also working as a driver for the company, Zululand Observer reported. It is believed that, upon completing a delivery, the man noticed a bag of cash had been left behind in his vehicle. According to police, he then grabbed the bag and walked with it under his arm into the security company depot building. He then hid a portion

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  • Kill thy neighbour: Alex attack brings home SA's shame

    His attackers had followed him down a street, keeping their prey at arm's length, waiting for an opening to land the fatal blow. They circled him as, on his knees amid rubbish, he pleaded for mercy. In those moments, Emmanuel Sithole was no longer a man, a neighbour, a human being. The intensity on his attackers' faces showed that he had become a thing to kill - each thrust aimed with ferocity. Around the macabre scene - where children had played and adults had strolled moments before - some now held their hands to their mouths in horror. Others stood seemingly detached, as if watching a movie. The attack on Sithole lasted about two minutes. Alexandra township, next door to Sandton, had just

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  • Gautrain management working to get services back on track

    Services were disrupted today when a truck driver lost control and collided into a wall bordering the tracks. Gautrain Gautrain bus service Gautrain Management Agency Gautrain delays Gautrain services suspended JOHANNESBURG – The Gautrain Management Agency said they will be working throughout the weekend to repair a railway line damaged by a cement truck.    Services were disrupted between Pretoria and Hatfield this morning when a truck driver lost control and collided into a wall bordering the tracks.    Gautrain’s CEO Jack van der Merwe said the driver’s coach was slightly damaged during the accident. “We’re going to work right through the weekend, trying to get everything up and running so

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  • Green light for tax changes - Personal Finance Retirement | IOL Business

    A few million retirement fund members will benefit from the National Assembly’s decision this week not to amend the date (March 1 next year) of implementation in the Income Tax Act of changes that introduce uniform tax deductions for all retirement fund members and the need for provident fund members to buy a pension (annuity) at retirement. The implementation of uniform tax deductions for all retirement fund members will, for most members, mean they will be able to make larger tax-deductible contributions. Provident fund members will enjoy a tax deduction for the first time, which will increase the take-home pay of many tax-paying members from March next year. All retirement fund members, regardless

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  • Winnie's helper takes her to task

    Struggle stalwart and ANC MP Winnie Madikizela-Mandela is being hauled before labour authorities for alleged irregular deductions from the salary of her former domestic worker. Nomathamsanqa Dunga of Orlando East in Soweto has laid a complaint with the department of labour at Maponya Mall, Soweto. The two parties were scheduled to appear before the department's inspection and enforcement officer, but Madikizela-Mandela did not show up. Dunga, who was employed at Madikizela-Mandela's Orlando West home, alleges she made three deductions from her salary without her approval. The two had agreed on a R1500 monthly salary in early 2013. Dunga said Madikizela-Mandela would occasionally pay her as much

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  • What Happens When a Harvard Engineer Gets Robbed?

    He designs a smarter home security system—without contracts, installation fees or sneaky salesmen. Discover a smarter way to protect your home today.

  • 'Unions profit from brokers' - Cosatu boss stops naming and shaming

    Cosatu president Sdumo Dlamini blocked what could have been an embarrassing exposé of how unions were profiting from e-tolls and labour brokers. Labour Minister Mildred Oliphant yesterday nearly named and shamed affiliates that had invested money in e-tolls - a project publicly opposed by Cosatu. Oliphant was speaking at the Cosatu congress where she stopped short of calling the organisation's leaders hypocrites. She told the delegates to be open and honest when speaking about labour brokers and e-tolls. Oliphant told Sowetan that Cosatu had to investigate the unions in conflict with its policies. "When you are saying let the government scrap the e-tolls while some of you are investing, the public

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  • Zimbabwe: Grace Courts Nigerian Tycoon Over Bankrupt Omega Dairy

    First Lady Grace Mugabe has turned to Nigerian billionaire Tony Elumulu to save her family's struggling Gushungo Holdings which is reeling under an unsustainable US$20 million debt amid theft and mismanagement at the company. The First Lady reportedly asked the billionaire, who has a net worth close to US$1,6 billion, to consider investing in Gushungo Holdings before looking at other areas. Elumulu was in Zimbabwe to explore possible investment opportunities in the fields of agriculture, financial services, insurance and healthcare among others. He was scheduled to meet with various captains of industry who included Zimbabwe Tourism Authority chairperson Chipo Mutasa, Schweppes boss Charles Msipa

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  • Pastors threaten ANC election numbers over church commission

    The “pastors‚ under the auspices of the Mahikeng Ministers Fellowship (MMF)”‚ said in a statement that “the issuing of summonses against religious communities has displayed a heavy-handed and misguided approach”. MMF chairperson Apostle Zandisile Reginald Mpame said he shared the “view of the African National Congress Chaplaincy that the commission's controversial public posturing and confrontational statements to the media undermine its primary objective”. “We agree wholly with the chaplaincy that‚ though the commission may have powers of subpoena‚ its main mandate and primary duties are to promote peaceful coexistence between religious cultural and linguistic groups in the country‚ educate‚

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  • Trump drops 12 percentage points in poll

    US presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s support among Republicans has dropped 12 points in less than a week, marking the real estate mogul’s biggest decline since he vaulted to the top of the field in July, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll. Trump was the favorite of 31 percent of Republicans in a rolling poll in the five days ended on 27 November. The dip follows criticism of Trump for comments he made in the aftermath of the 13 November Paris attacks that killed 130 people and wounded hundreds more. Following the attacks, Trump told an NBC News reporter that he would support requiring all Muslims within the United States to be registered to a special database, which his critics have likened to the mandatory registration of Jews in Nazi Germany.

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  • SABC's appointment of Motsoeneng 'unlawful'

    High Court Judge Dennis Davis on Friday set aside the appointment of SABC chief operating officer Hlaudi Motsoeneng as unlawful and irrational. Davis said in the judgment delivered in the Western Cape High Court that whatever the reasons for Communications Minister Faith Muthambi’s “obvious preference” for Motsoeneng, her decision last year to appoint him in a permanent capacity was incongruent with legality. Davis cited the recent ruling by the Supreme Court of Appeal which held that nobody could ignore the findings of the Public Protector in favour of that of a parallel investigation. The chapter nine institution had directed the SABC to institute a disciplinary process against Motsoeneng for misrepresenting his qualifications, inflating his own salary and allegedly purging staff at the public broadcaster.

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  • Sirens ring out as airstrikes hit Islamic State stronghold

    In the Islamic State group’s Syrian stronghold of Raqa, sirens ring out whenever a warplane approaches as jihadists flee their posts and vehicles to hide, activists say. A US-led coalition and Russia have stepped up air strikes on the jihadists’ de facto Syrian capital since Islamic State claimed to have downed a Russian passenger aircraft over Egypt’s Sinai in October and the deadly jihadist attacks in Paris two weeks later. "The sirens are on the roofs of high buildings, in the squares and in the streets," Taym Ramadan, a city resident and anti-Islamic-State activist, told AFP. "When a warplane enters Raqa’s air space, the sirens ring out to warn (Islamic State) members," said the activist from the "Raqa is Being Slaughtered Silently" campaign group.

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  • South African pets have medical aid, but not workers - Malema tells Oxford students

    "We have got a situation where the rich love animals [more] than the people," he told the Oxford Union at Oxford University in the United Kingdom on Wednesday.  "The dogs of rich people in South Africa have got medical aid but their domestic workers, and the university workers, and the farm workers, the petrol attendants, the security guards, do not have medical aid.  "Neither do they have rights as workers." Malema said the recent student protests against fees, and the protests by university workers showed that the interests of the poor are being put on the African agenda.   He added that some university workers who have worked for more than 30 years have nothing to show for it.  Malema said

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