• How a suspect walked into a cash depot empty-handed and left R9-million richer

    The Hawks in the Northern Cape on Tuesday say they are still looking for a man who duped a cash depot into handing over R9-million to him. The man and his accomplice took off with the loot without any aggression‚ without any hostages‚ without any guns or explosives. The tale of how they made off with the funds sounds like something from a movie. According to police‚ the suspect and his accomplice arrived at the G4S depot on December 8‚ just ahead of the Christmas rush‚ clad in security uniforms. “The duo pretended to be security guards from another cash-in-transit security company expected to collect cash for Cash Paymaster Services. They were allowed entry and were further allowed to make a

  • South Africa: No Cure for Man Who Allegedly Contracted Disease from Blood Transfusion

    A 69-year-old Durban man is suing the National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS) for about R24m after he contracted a debilitating, terminal disease from tainted blood. The man, whose name is being withheld in the court documents, says he is already wheelchair-bound and has to have round-the-clock care, but his situation will worsen as the HTLV-I (human T-cell leukaemia) ravages his body. The man received the blood at a Durban hospital in 2011. He was diagnosed in 2013 and last year lodged his claim for damages and future medical and other expenses. The matter came into the public eye when his lawyers - hired by Section 27 - brought an application seeking to strike out the blood services defence

  • WATCH: Mugabes are toxic parasites, says Biti after Rolls-Royce splurge

    Harare - Zimbabwe's free-spending first family this week upped their lavish game when Russell Goreraza, Grace Mugabe’s first-born son from an earlier marriage, imported two luxury cars worth an estimated R70 million. The move angered many impoverished Zimbabwean families who are battling to put food on the table in a country with rampant unemployment and worsening poverty. Goreraza, 34, this week imported two Rolls-Royce Ghosts, estimated to cost $280 000 each before import duties, from Europe. Zimbabwe’s former finance minister and opposition leader Tendai Biti expressed outrage over the first family’s latest extravagance. “Nearly 80% of Zimbabweans are living in extreme poverty and we have

  • [LISTEN] Stephen Grootes weighs in on Tumi Morake's recent comments

    JOHANNESBURG - 702 anchor Stephen Grootes says furniture shop Eric Barnard Meubels is using economic power to bully Jacaranda FM because of statements made by host Tumi Morake. Morake made statements about how little retribution was done for black people post-apartheid. Grootes says economic apartheid is still in place in South Africa. He says if South Africans are going to use their power to boycott companies accused of state capture, they must do the same to companies using economic power against people who speak the truth. Listen to the audio above for more.

  • ANC Leadership Race: Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma on Value Chain of Death

    It is probably one of the most macabre of professions, somewhere in Bell Pottinger zone, but on Tuesday night there was no time to get touchy-feely about this business of seeing off the dearly departed. With people like Black First Land First’s Andile Mnxgitama, President Jacob Zuma and former African Union Commission Chairperson Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma on the bill, you know the personal is also political. Zuma didn’t make it because he happened to have been in New York for a long-scheduled annual engagement at the United Nations General Assembly, and Mngxitama wasn’t spotted at the gala dinner either. It’s easy to play with metaphors such as that Dlamini Zuma’s campaign is dead and buried, but

  • Gabriella Engels takes Grace Mugabe to court

    Gabriella Engels, the South African model allegedly assaulted at a Sandton hotel by Zimbabwe’s first lady, Grace Mugabe, and civil rights group AfriForum have described Mugabe’s claim that Engels had assaulted her as nonsense. Engels, assisted by AfriForum, will today ask the High Court in Pretoria for an order allowing them to institute proceedings against the first lady to have diplomatic immunity granted to her by the South African government on August 19 this year set aside. They will also seek an order to have court papers served on Mugabe at the presidential offices in Zimbabwe. Afriforum’s Kallie Kriel said today’s urgent application was the first step in their bid to get Mugabe’s diplomatic

  • ISS Today: Zimbabwe’s shady police roadblocks reflect its failing governance

    First published by ISS Today In Harare, it is sometimes said, nothing is what it appears to be. This is certainly the case with the city’s omnipresent police roadblocks, which give the impression of efficient police maintaining order on the roads. The roadblocks are in fact little more than an officially authorised shakedown of the public and a means by which Zimbabwe’s broke government seeks to fund a massively under-resourced police force. Numerous violations of the country’s laws occur in the process, and the roadblock dynamics neatly encapsulate, at a micro level, many aspects of Zimbabwe’s broader mis-governance. The source of the problem is a decision to allow the police to retain the fines