• Man arrested for insulting Mugabe on WhatsApp | The New Age Online

    Man arrested for insulting Mugabe on WhatsApp. Picture: AFP Zimbabwean man has been arrested for mistakenly posting an 'insulting message' about President Robert Mugabe to the wrong WhatsApp group. According to reports, Nduna Matshazi, a councillor for the opposition Movement for Democratic Change sent a message about Mugabe “by mistake”. Matshazi's post was meant to be sent to a political chat group but instead it was posted to a group of councillors for the rural district of Bubi in southern Zimbabwe. The message was a mockery of the Lord's Prayer in the Bible. The administrator of the Whatsapp group quoted the prayer "twisted to demean and attack the president”, according to zim24. It emerged

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  • 12 Presidential Candidates Reimagined As Extinct Animals

    Watch out for that Trumpatherium. You never know what he is going to do next!

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  • Watch angry AKA walk out of interview when asked about Bonang affair

    Despite telling an interviewer that he is comfortable with controversy and thrives on it, an upset AKA, hurriedly walks away from a video interview after the reporter asks if he still denies he had an affair with media personality Bonang Matheba.

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  • Malema: I know who gave cash to Zuma

    This is the first time a current or former ANC insider has revealed the source of Zuma's funds when he was broke and jobless after former president Thabo Mbeki fired him as South Africa's deputy president in 2005. Malema is also the first high-profile politician to reveal how most ANC struggle veterans funded their lifestyles. Malema said he personally raised funds for Zuma at public ANC rallies "and from unidentified donors" before Zuma became president in 2009.

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  • SA drug mule to plead for royal pardon from Malaysian king | The New Age Online

    A South African man on death row for drug smuggling in Malaysia may ask the king for a presidential pardon.  This will be the case should the final appeal of Deon Cornelius fail after he was bust with about 2kg of meth.  Deon Cornelius is facing a death penalty for smuggling 1.9kg of methamphetamine into Malaysia in October 2013.  He lost his appeal to have his sentence reversed at the appeals court in that country last week, after being convicted in January.  The Department of International Relations and Cooperation, spokesperson, Nelson Kgwete said: “In cases where the final appeal to the Federal Court is unsuccessful, the only option left is for the prisoner to submit a request for pardon

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  • Why DJ Zinhle is unlikely to apologise to Bonang

    When asked if Jiyane will release a statement of apology regarding an order by Matheba's lawyers to apologise by close of business on Monday - DJ Zinhle's spokesperson Nomndeni Mdakhi said nothing of the sort will be released. "We are not going to be releasing anything," said Mdakhi over the phone. When requested to indicate whether that meant DJ Zinhle will not apologise, Mdakhi asked to be sent questions over email. In her email response, Mdakhi changed her tune. "We have no comment at this point," she replied to a question "Does this mean there would be no apology as you have indicated over the phone?" Matheba's lawyers are attempting to gag Jiyane for speaking up about having a saucy five-month

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  • Women aren’t Bonang’s enemy - The Star

    The inspiration gig that Bonang Matheba plays for young women the continent over is surely done, says Therese Owen. Johannesburg - There is a classic scene in the Eighties film 9½ Weeks where Kim Basinger performs a sexy strip show for Mickey Rourke to the Joe Cocker song You Can Leave Your Hat On. By leaving only her hat on, that scene made Basinger the legendary sex kitten we knew and loved. Although she later won an Oscar for her role in LA Confidential, she was mostly typecast after that as the siren with the squeaky scream. While human beings love to leave their hats on, we also love to judge celebrities who leave their hats on. It makes us feel better about ourselves and, let’s face it,

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  • Zuma's rape accuser's mother opens up about fleeing SA after case

    "I was missing home very much...," the mother, who cannot be named to protect her daughter, said. The Sunday Times newspaper reported that her mother said that after Zuma was acquitted on May 5 2006 in the High Court in Johannesburg, they fled to the Netherlands -- where they were given asylum. The mother said she was not sure if justice had been served in the trial. After the interview, Khwezi asked the Sunday Times to leave her mother alone.

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  • Gigaba invites foreign students to become 'new South Africans'

    “We want to make it easy and straightforward for those students who are interested in staying in South Africa after graduating to do so. Explaining his invitation for foreign students to live in SA‚ he said: “No country can produce all of the skills it needs… Skilled immigrants make an important contribution in destination economies”. “International students are especially advantageous‚ as their qualifications have been obtained here in South Africa and are thus able to transition seamlessly into their chosen fields‚” Gigaba said. Pledging to ensure efficiency in the issuing of study visas‚ he said: “We want South Africa to be at the top of list of destinations for prospective students across Africa and the world”.

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  • A few of SA's unfavourite things - IOL Lifestyle

    Johannesburg - Taxi drivers have topped the list of the 30 things that get South Africans’ blood boiling. Queue jumpers, people who think rules don’t apply to them, bad manners and load shedding made up the top five irritants in a survey released by Pharma Dynamics recently. More than 1 300 people were polled. Other temper-triggers included antisocial behaviour such as when someone pays more attention to their electronic device(s) than to you, along with having to go through endless automated phone options and then being kept on hold. Money also leaves us fuming – as do high petrol prices, having to pay a fee for withdrawing money from an ATM, paying for parking when you only intended to pop

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  • 17 Things Kylie Jenner Did Three Years Ago That She'd Never Do Now

    A lot has changed in just three years.

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  • 'Unruly' Nigerians say their president has a point | The New Age Online

    Last week Buhari, a straight-backed, straight-laced former army general, called for an end to the "hustle" that characterises life in Africa's leading economy -- which for many is part of its charm. "We must change our lawless habits, our attitude to public office and public trust," he said in a speech to mark 55 years of Nigeria as an independent nation last Thursday. "We must change our unruly behaviour in schools, hospitals, market places, motor parks (bus stations), on the roads, in homes and offices. Balogun market in the heart of Nigeria's financial capital, Lagos, is the definition of chaotic: market traders line the narrow street, loudly hawking their wares from under colourful umbrellas.

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  • Who wants to go to jail for King Dalindyebo?

    eNCA reports that the council is calling on the abaThembu nation to appoint a chief to go to jail in the controversial leader's place. According to the report the NPA has dismissed the idea. The king meanwhile will not be going to jail today - as his lawyers have managed to extend his bail for two weeks. The Mthatha High Court convicted Dalindyebo in 2009 on three charges of arson, three of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm, two of defeating the ends of justice, one of culpable homicide and one of kidnapping. The victims were his subjects and the crimes were committed on the farm Tyalara, near Mthatha, Eastern Cape. He was sentenced to a total of 44 years imprisonment - an effective

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  • Oscar’s fate lies with parole board - Crime & Courts | IOL News

    The Parole Review Board to make decision on Oscar Pistorius. Social Media is buzzing in anticipation of the Parole Board's decision on the freedom of the former paralympian who fatally shot his girlfriend. The board is set to decide on Monday on whether Justice and Correctional Services Minister Michael Masutha was right in saying the release of Pistorius was too soon after the athlete has spent only 10 months behind bars. IOLMojo Related Stories

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  • Jose setting a bad example - Cruyff - Premier League

    The behaviour of outspoken Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho sets a bad example for young people, Dutch football great Johan Cruyff said on Tuesday. Mourinho has hogged the headlines over the opening weeks of the Premier League season, hitting out at rival managers and attracting criticism for sidelining female team doctor Eva Carneiro, who has left the club. Mourinho was also charged with misconduct by the Football Association for criticising the referee after a 3-1 loss at home to Southampton last Saturday that left his side two points above the relegation zone. “What I like about him is he's always capable of creating good ambience within the players and what I don't like is that he always puts

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  • Noah must nail political colours to the mast

    IT FEELS quite strange that with so many questions of political import to tackle, it is difficult to not make some kind of comment on Trevor Noah. His ascendancy as anchor of the Daily Show is so hard to ignore that, on the day of his debut, I felt compelled to tweet: "Is it crazy that the most anticipated hand-over of power and moral authority on the planet was from one comedian to another? #TrevorNoah." The thing is, most of us wish Noah well, and feel a sense of anxiety that he survives the cutthroat world of US TV. Whichever way his stint with the Daily Show goes, Noah is one of ours, and we feel protective over him. If it bombs, who cares about the fake world of US pop culture anyway? In

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  • David Brent Quotes On Pictures Of Brendan Rodgers, Because Why Not

    Brendan Rodgers truly is the man who puts a smile on the face of everyone he meets.

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  • Government must 'do away with lunch and buy Nando's like everybody else': ANCYL

    The African National Congress Youth League's (ANCYL) KwaZulu-Natal secretary Thanduxolo Sabela was fighting for the right to party - just one item on a robust list of other demands. Speaking at a media briefing, Sabela said the ANC should bring back a programme supporting artists performing during government functions by using a budget previously shelved during times of austerity. Sabela said the need for entertainment trumped personal security, party credit cards and fast food.  “If the government wants to implement cost-cutting measures, they must cut these blue light vehicles and bodyguards always following them around. They must do away with these credit cards and do away with lunch and buy

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  • Zimbabwe: MDC Officials Challenge Tsvangirai Over Mujuru

    Senior members of Zimbabwe's opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) are reportedly opposed to party leader Morgan Tsvangirai's proposed plan to form a coalition with former vice president Joice Mujuru. Recent reports indicated that Tsvangirai and Mujuru were ready to form a united front with the aim of forcing President Robert Mugabe and his ruling Zanu-PF party out of power, as the country gears up for the 2018 elections. "As the MDC, we formed our party after we saw Zanu-PF's misrule. Even former senior Zanu-PF officials have also now come to see this misrule for what it is, so we are open to working with them," a Daily News report quoted Tsvangirai as saying last month. Mujuru was

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  • Real Madrid jump the gun on Ronaldo scoring record

    Real, and some Spanish media, believe an effort five years ago that was deemed an own goal by centre back Pepe should have been awarded to the Portugal captain and he therefore has 324 goals, one more than Raul. The disputed goal came in a La Liga game at Real Sociedad in September 2010 when Ronaldo's shot arrowed towards the Sociedad wall, looped up off Pepe's back and over goalkeeper Claudio Bravo into the net. "I would never have imagined when I put on this shirt for the first time that I would be the team's best goal scorer," Ronaldo said at a presentation at the Bernabeu stadium where he received a trophy marking his achievement. "I am very happy," added the 30-year-old. "Firstly, I want

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