• SA reacts to Afrikaner-only area plan - Gauteng | IOL News

    Pretoria - There has been an overwhelming response on social media both in favour of and against Front Nasionaal’s plan to have areas that will be exclusively for Afrikaners in Pretoria. Front Nasionaal, a newly formed political party which claims to represent cultural and ethnic Afrikaner communities in South Africa, will on Friday hold a march for self-determination. The march was set to start at 10am at the Pretoria Art Museum on the intersection of Francis Baard and Wessels streets in Arcadia Park. They were then to make their way to the Union Buildings. Wessel Basson, Front Nasionaal’s Gauteng leader, said other Afrikaner groups would be joining them, including the Boere Afrikaner Volksraad.

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  • Malema failed woodwork again‚ says Mandla Mandela

    Mandla Mandela issued a scathing attack on Julius Malema on Friday‚ accusing the EFF leader of “trash can politics“. In a statement defending ANC policy and practice‚ the grandson of Nelson Mandela said: “It appears‚ though‚ that Julius Malema has capitulated to the kind of thinking that characterised Eugene Terreblanche’s mission to undermine our nascent democracy at any cost.” Mandla Mandela was reacting to a stinging attack on his grandfather by Malema at Oxford University in the United Kingdom on Wednesday. Malema also attacked Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa and businessman Patrice Motsepe at the student forum. “The deviation from the Freedom Charter was the beginning of selling out of

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  • ‘Outsiders in our own land’ - Politics | IOL News

    Johannesburg - Afrikaner political party Front Nasionaal set itself on a collision course with the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) by burning an EFF T-shirt and a poster showing the face of leader Julius Malema. The party led a march to the Union Buildings from the Pretoria Art Museum on Friday to hand over a memorandum, addressed to President Jacob Zuma, signalling its intention to have areas for Afrikaners to live out their heritage and exercise their right to self-determination as per the constitution. The relatively small group, led by Marius Coertze, Front Nasionaal’s legal representative, set the red EFF T-shirt, as well as a poster with Malema’s face on it, alight. Soon afterwards the

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  • Watch: Mugabe's slow Turkey walk sets tongues wagging

    The 91-year-old's less-than-speedy progression up a long blue carpet was filmed by New China TV, Xinhua news agency's official TV channel, and then posted on YouTube. "As [Turkish President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan waited while Mugabe walked ever so gingerly the short distance from his Mercedes limousine to the entrance of the conference venue, the Turkish leader probably wondered whether he should not have let the Zimbabwean stay at home," news website NewZimbabwe quipped. The report said Mugabe "appeared to walk with some difficulty". Mugabe attended the G-20 summit as head of the African Union, though Zimbabwe's opposition Movement for Democratic Change said he had "no business" there and his attendance at the meeting was "a serious national embarrassment".

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  • Motorist sees woman tossed off a bridge - Crime & Courts | IOL News

    Durban - A 24-year-old woman, running between Warner Beach and Doonside, was grabbed from behind and hurled 6m over the Little Amanzimtoti Bridge. Her attacker then ran down to her, sprayed something like pepper spray in her eyes and dragged her into a stormwater pipe where he tried to rape her. The woman is still recovering in Kingsway Hospital. Paramedic Chris Botha said she suffered “possible severe spinal injuries”. The incident happened in heavy traffic at 7.50am on Wednesday, and was witnessed by a 64-year-old retiree from Winklespruit. Gert van der Merwe, who moved to the South Coast from Pretoria three years ago, on Friday told the Daily News how he saw the incident unfold. “One minute

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  • 'Unions profit from brokers' - Cosatu boss stops naming and shaming

    Cosatu president Sdumo Dlamini blocked what could have been an embarrassing exposé of how unions were profiting from e-tolls and labour brokers. Labour Minister Mildred Oliphant yesterday nearly named and shamed affiliates that had invested money in e-tolls - a project publicly opposed by Cosatu. Oliphant was speaking at the Cosatu congress where she stopped short of calling the organisation's leaders hypocrites. She told the delegates to be open and honest when speaking about labour brokers and e-tolls. Oliphant told Sowetan that Cosatu had to investigate the unions in conflict with its policies. "When you are saying let the government scrap the e-tolls while some of you are investing, the public

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  • Khoisan: It's our land and we want it back

    "The colonial powers became rich from our land: our diamonds, our gold," said John van Rooyen, chairman of the Gauteng Khoisan Council. He was speaking during the SA Human Rights Commission hearings into the alleged marginalisation of the Khoisan community. The group is demanding better representation for the Khoisan at all levels of government in South Africa, and wants Khoisan languages to be officially recognised. SA Human Rights Commission member Danny Titus said the commission was holding hearings in Northern Cape and Western Cape on the rights of indigenous people. "The general experience in this country is that we have constitutional rights but we don't have implementation of them," Titus

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  • Drogba just selling books, says Jose - Premier League

    London - Jose Mourinho has slapped down Chelsea legend Didier Drogba, accusing his former player of criticising the club in order to sell books, before telling current striker Diego Costa that he is “not reading the game properly”. Drogba, who scored 164 goals and won 12 major trophies at Chelsea, many of them under Mourinho, had said Chelsea did not have as many leaders as they used to. But the Portuguese hit back last night, saying he had little interest in what he thought was merely promotional material for Drogba's autobiography. “When you speak because you want to sell books, I don't read,” Mourinho said. “I like interviews, I like interviews from big guys like Didier with good journalists

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  • Nigerian superstar robbed of R791,000 in Sandton

    Davido, who has received global acclaim for his funky brand of Nigerian music infused with pop and afro soul influences - encountered crime first hand in Johannesburg. Davido was passing through the country en route to Atlanta, USA where he is based and regularly performs.

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  • Love saved Ricardo from drugs, despair - Tonight News

    Cape Town - In the ’80s, a cute eight-year-old boy hijacked the South African airwaves with an unlikely hit song. And in doing so, I love you daddy altered Ricardo’s future forever and made him our first true child star. After a short battle with cancer and recent surgery, he died on Tuesday. I had a chance to interview him for an ’80s review three months ago. After a rocky 30 years, Ricardo Groenewald celebrated his 43rd birthday in June. The father of two boys and two girls credits his wife Helen with his rescue. “If it wasn’t for Helen, I would be living in the gutters today,” he told me. Ricardo, who has been living in the Mother City for the past 21 years, was born in the Eastern Cape town

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  • Trevor’s back, better than ever

    Trevor Noah is back in SA to do what he does best – make us laugh at ourselves. For a little over an hour, Noah did his thing on the first night of the Comedy Central International Comedy Festival at Silverstar Casino in Krugersdorp. Noah, host of The Daily Show in the US, is in SA with his comedy show, the Nationwild Gala. With 60 comedians performing at the festival until tomorrow, it is believed to be the largest comedy festival on the continent. But on Wednesday night it was evident the crowd had come to see one man – Noah. He may be an international star, but was just as awkward on the red carpet as his fellow comedians, who couldn’t wait to move away from the media’s gaze. But when he started

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  • Kill thy neighbour: Alex attack brings home SA's shame

    His attackers had followed him down a street, keeping their prey at arm's length, waiting for an opening to land the fatal blow. They circled him as, on his knees amid rubbish, he pleaded for mercy. In those moments, Emmanuel Sithole was no longer a man, a neighbour, a human being. The intensity on his attackers' faces showed that he had become a thing to kill - each thrust aimed with ferocity. Around the macabre scene - where children had played and adults had strolled moments before - some now held their hands to their mouths in horror. Others stood seemingly detached, as if watching a movie. The attack on Sithole lasted about two minutes. Alexandra township, next door to Sandton, had just

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  • Get real, white South Africa

    We did it in 1910 when the Union of South Africa was birthed by the British. We did it in 1948 when our new apartheid laws turned us into the most unethically dressed nation in Africa. We did it again in 1961 when the National Party declared South Africa a republic, free from the British Commonwealth. Our newest outfit, the dress from our historic Autumn/Winter 1994 collection, is now 21 years old, and evidently in tatters. Unfortunately, South Africa has never fundamentally changed over the years, we simply changed clothes. The greatest problem we face as a nation is not our neo-liberal imperialist economy that favours US and British capitalist endeavours. It's not that the police criminalise

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  • Oscar, Shrien ‘shifted view of justice’ - Crime & Courts | IOL News

    Johannesburg - Murder trials such as those of Oscar Pistorius and Shrien Dewani probably influenced the results of a new victims of crime survey to be released next month. The survey, compiled by Statistics South Africa, looks at how households see the judicial system and feel about crime. It also spotlights the public’s confidence in the police. A similar survey in 2013/14, the findings of which were released in April, showed 75.1 percent of families who were satisfied with the police were satisfied with the courts. It also showed a small percentage of households who were satisfied with the police attended courts, while 87.9 percent did not feel the need to. Statistics SA said findings that

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  • SA's education crisis: We need to stop lying to our youth | Daily Maverick

    #FeesMustFall will fall – that’s a pity because through their various campaigns they raised important issues, and not many of them have been solved. Who can forget the Occupy (Wall Street) movement and its associated Occupy/1% associated movements? Supported by the public, they captured significant media attention for a good number of weeks in 2011, it does not exist anymore and you cannot say that the issues they raised have gone away. The Occupy movements united in their disgust of financial capitalism and the 1% that did the rest of us in. Their anger was directed at the corruption of politics by money, the concentration of wealth and power and, yes, the debt burden of university students.

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  • Zimbabwe: Mnangagwa, Grace in Horse-Trading

    DESPITE the widely reported rivalry between First Lady Grace Mugabe and Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, the two leading contenders in the Zanu PF succession race regularly meet to discuss various issues. With the succession conundrum looming large because of the infighting in Zanu PF, media reports often project a fierce rivalry between them with no room for compromise. Events within Zanu PF and media reports always show bitter uncompromising contestation between Grace and Mnangagwa. Perception is sometimes stronger and matters more than the reality. Unless bridged with facts the current Zanu PF situation is fast developing into a conflict which cannot be ignored. However, Zanu PF insiders

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  • Hamilton partying too much: ex-boss - IOL Motoring F1 Grand Prix

    London - McLaren chairman Ron Dennis, who funded Lewis Hamilton’s rise from obscurity to stardom, has said he does not approve of the world champion’s party lifestyle. Hamilton, now at Mercedes, admits he has discovered drink in recent months, even blaming a recent road accident on exhaustion caused by burning the candle at both ends. Dennis, who described himself as Hamilton’s surrogate father, said: “If he was at McLaren he wouldn’t be behaving the way he is because he wouldn’t be allowed to. “He’s shaking off some chains he didn’t want to have. I look at him with mixed emotions.” Hamilton, 30, first met Dennis at the Autosport Awards show when he was a 12-year-old karting prodigy. He asked

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  • Zuma gets ‘worst ever’ annual assessment from Democratic Alliance

    INTERNATIONAL law violations, evading critical questions in Parliament, as well as disregard for the authority of Chapter Nine institutions and the courts, were some of the reasons cited why President Jacob Zuma received the worst ever cabinet report from the Democratic Alliance (DA). The official opposition party briefed reporters in Parliament on Friday afternoon with its annual end-of-year assessment of the president and government ministers. Even Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa’s beggarly D grade was higher than Mr Zuma’s F on the DA cabinet report card. DA leader Mmusi Maimane told reporters that 13 ministers scored lower this year than in 2014. Mr Zuma scored right at the bottom, alongside

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  • Motsepe shares his riches

    Billionaire Patrice Motsepe's mining business has not done well to the extent that for the first time his African Rainbow Minerals failed to fund his multi-million rand annual donation programme to traditional authorities and faith-based organisations. Motsepe revealed this yesterday at the Sandton Convention Centre while he was disbursing millions of rands to churches and traditional leaders. He said "the mining industry is going through serious challenges". He said the donation funds this year came from the Ubuntu Botho, a partnership between his Motsepe Foundation and insurance group Sanlam. Ubuntu Botho is also the main sponsor for Motsepe's football team Mamelodi Sundowns. "The global mining

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  • Lion loose after reserve land fight - KwaZulu-Natal | IOL News

    Durban - A lion is on the prowl near Pongola after it escaped from a private game park when fences were cut by a group claiming the land where the park is situated. The Mkuze Falls Game Reserve, an initiative run by the Ntunzana Community Trust brought an urgent application before Judge Gregory Kruger in the Pietermaritzburg High Court on Thursday. Kruger granted the trust an interim interdict stopping five members of a group identified as the “Concerned Group” from tampering with or damaging fences belonging to the reserve. The interim interdict also restrains the five individuals – Nqaba Ntshangase, Nkosinathi Mthiyane, Sebenzile Ntshangase, Simon Nkambule and Musa Duma – from inciting violence

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