• Cecil the lion's hunt 'went wrong from the beginning' - Theo Bronkhorst

    Speaking exclusively to the Telegraph Bronkhorst gave a detailed account of the incident that has left his hunting business devastated by the international fury directed at him since US dentist Walter Palmer shot Cecil in Zimbabwe. Cecil, aged about 13, had a distinctive black mane and was a popular tourist attraction among visitors to Hwange National Park. The Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force charity claims Palmer and Bronkhorst had gone out at night with a spotlight and tied a dead animal to their vehicle to lure Cecil into range.

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  • Outpouring of affection for Oscar - Crime & Courts | IOL News

    In 20 days, Pistorius will walk out of the Kgosi Mumpuru prison in Pretoria. Pistorius was found guilty of culpable homicide for shooting dead his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine’s Day in 2013. In June, Correctional Services officials confirmed Pistorius would be releasedinto house arrest on August 21 after having spent less than a year behind bars.

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  • Bobbi Kristina to be buried next to her mother

    After private service, Bobbi Kristina will be buried in Fairview cemetery where her mother was laid to rest.

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  • Extent of airport crime exposed

    The South African Police Service says it requires a multi-skilled team to repel the syndicates and criminal suspects from transiting through the airport‚ explaining in a statement: “The types of crimes and challenges they are faced with requires certain specialities from the various role-players”. “They encounter suspects‚ syndicates and crime from all over the world‚” also requiring the team to liaise closely with Interpol and regional police chiefs. The biggest challenge that ORTIA police encounter is the problem of drugs attempted to be brought in or taken out of the country. The drugs seized at ORTIA include Cocaine‚ Crystal Meth‚ Ephedrine‚ Heroine‚ Khat‚ Dagga‚ and Steroids – the most common being cocaine in powder format‚ police say.

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  • Donald Trumps calls South Africa 'a very dangerous mess'

    Donald Trump as taken to Twitter to voice his opinion on what is currently making headlines in South African news.

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  • Michelle Obama: 'I want to be Beyonce'

    First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama has joked that she wants to be Beyonce Knowles.

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  • Nigeria: One Dollar = One Naira - Buhari Approves an Exchange Rate of N160 to U.S.$1

    Contrary to his inauguration speech, and contrary to reasonable, logical expectations, Buhari hasn't put a fully functional government in place. The only harm I saw were incompetent governors (who are unable to manage quite sizable resources) dancing around the President, taking advantage, and getting off easy. To me, it is another indication that the President sorely needs all the help he can get.

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  • Jimmy Tau hands over R200,000 lobolo for wealthy girlfriend

    A celebration in honour of Tau and his girlfriend, Sizakele Manonga apparently took place in the lavish suburb of Pretoria East two weeks ago. The family bash was to celebrate Tau finishing off lobola for Manonga whom he got engaged to a few months ago. According to Sunday Sun, Tau paid the hefty amount to the Manonga family who are known for their immense wealth - they own a mansion with fourteen bedrooms on a private estate and are in possession of more than 30 German cars.

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  • EFF items burnt over Malema's 'dictatorship'

    Enraged Economic Freedom Fighters in Limpopo yesterday allegedly burnt party paraphernalia in a protest against what they called ‘dictatorship’ of their leader Julius Malema. The items included a poster bearing Malema’s face and what appeared to be T-shirts, overalls and CDs of EFF’s struggle songs. Junior told Saturday Citizen the items were burnt by disgruntled EFF members somewhere in the Vhembe district in Limpopo. “People defend Malema unnecessarily.

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  • Plane debris identified as Boeing 777 - World News | IOL News

    Malaysian authorities confirmed on Friday that plane wreckage washed up on an Indian Ocean island was from a Boeing 777, meaning the part is almost certainly from missing flight MH370. The debris, part of a plane wing, could provide the first tangible clue towards unlocking the mystery surrounding the doomed Malaysia Airlines plane, which disappeared without trace in March last year with 239 people on board. This could be the convincing evidence that MH370 went down in the Indian Ocean," Malaysia's deputy transport minister Abdul Aziz Kaprawi told AFP. The Malaysia Airlines flight was one of only three Boeing 777s to have been involved in major incidents, along with the downing of the MH17 over Ukraine last year and the Asiana Airlines crash at San Francisco airport in 2013 that left three dead.

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  • The sun sets on Big Brother Africa - Tonight TV & Radio

    South African Keagan Petersen won Big Brother Africa in 2012. After a whole lot of speculation that Big Brother Africa will not be airing this year, M-Net has confirmed those rumours to be true. “M-Net has announced while regional Big Brother shows are being produced including Big Brother Angola and Big Brother Mzansi, the continental version of the show is currently on hold.

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  • From shocking to bizarre: SA's list of fakes and their flaky stories

    For more than three decades, Jordan was regarded abroad and in South Africa as one of the country's best political brains, with a doctorate from the London School of Economics. If Jordan's story was shocking, the one involving SABC chairwoman Ellen Tshabalala is downright bizarre. Tshabalala was appointed to the SABC board late last year as part of the government's strategy to turn around the fortunes of the public broadcaster. Tshabalala promised to provide evidence that she did have the degree.

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  • White settlers never stole any land from Africans: iLIVE

    Black Africans never owned any land. Black Africans NEVER owned any land. Who "disadvantaged" the 'black' people of the interior in Southern Africa before the (supposed) belligerent 'white' settlers moved inland in the mid 19th century..? As certainly, what the 'settlers' found was not a hugely advanced infrastructure, deep mines, airports, vast libraries of written works, grandiose institutions of learning, etc. No, as little as 170 years ago they found masses of black people (indigenous to the Southern tip of Africa, The San) living on the fringes of the stone age.

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  • Cameroon deports 2 000 Nigerians in fight against Boko Haram - CameroonOnline.org

    Cameroon has deported more than 2 000 Nigerians who were living in the country illegally as part of new security measures intended to prevent suicide attacks by Boko Haram jihadists, sources said Friday. Regional newspaper L’Oeil du Sahel reported that about 2,500 Nigerians had been “rounded up” in Kousseri, in the far north of Cameroon, and sent back to their country on Thursday. A source close to regional authorities confirmed that “more than 2 000 ‘irregular’ Nigerians have been expelled from Kousseri”. Mey Aly, an official from a local NGO, said that most of the Nigerians “had fled the atrocities of Boko Haram” to take refuge in Cameroon.

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  • 9 things black people will dance for according to South African adverts

    Despite the fact that our advertising industry is one of the most well respected in the world, we are constantly bombarded with adverts of black people dancing for food, alcohol, sweets and even airtime.

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  • Zuma to study Phiyega's response

    The office of the president has confirmed Riah Phiyega submitted her response late last night.

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  • South Africa's ambassador to Japan Mohau Pheko admits lying about PhD

    Pheko told the SABC that she registered for and worked towards her degree with La Salle, but the university closed down before she could complete her "studies". Pheko told the SABC the university was promoted as legitimate and that she had registered at it, but it closed before she could be awarded her doctorate. Pheko joins the list of South African public officials who have fraudulently claimed to have certain academic qualifications.

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  • South Africa: Pregnant Woman Dies in Taxi Accident On Her Way to Funeral

    A heavily pregnant woman and two others died when a taxi crashed on the way to a funeral in the Eastern Cape on Friday, the provincial health department said.

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  • Arrows announce 13 new signings

    Newly promoted Premiership side Golden Arrows have announced their new signings for the 2015/2016 season.

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