• Analysis: While Zuma may want to be like Mugabe, South Africa is not Zimbabwe

    To listen to some of our recent headlines is to hear all sorts of resonances with Zimbabwe. We have young men who claim, impossibly, to be military veterans of the liberation struggle guarding the ANC’s headquarters, amid more claims that our politics is going through a process of “militarisation”. In Zimbabwe this process ended with “military vets” raiding white-owned farms while being led by a man called Chenjerai “Hitler” Hunzvi. Here, Zuma’s Minister of State Security, David Mahlobo, believes, really, that NGOs are trying to foment regime change, that the media is trying to foment regime change and that opposition parties are trying to foment regime change. In his world, the recent downgrades

  • Chris Hani and the Arms Deal bombshell: A death that still hangs over us

    The 1993 assassination of Chris Hani is viewed, quite rightly, as one of the pivotal moments of our history. Popular, confident, radical but turning towards peace, the SACP leader was a giant who walked the earth. When he was killed outside his Boksburg home, the nation went into shock. It was the closest we ever came to a race war. Nelson Mandela had to go on national television (famously, before the then-President FW de Klerk) to call for peace, and point out that it was a “white woman” who called for help and notified the police. Soon after, Janusz Waluś and Clive Derby-Lewis were arrested for the killing. They were convicted and denied amnesty by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The

  • South Africa: Lobby Group Gives Authority Three Months to Prosecute Zuma's Son

    Lobby group AfriForum is giving the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) until early next year to either prosecute President Jacob Zuma's son Duduzane for culpable homicide or give them the green light to prosecute him privately. AfriForum CEO Kallie Kriel told journalists that they had given the NPA a January 2018 deadline to release a nolle prosequi certificate (required for a private prosecution), which would allow former NPA pitbull Gerrie Nel to prosecute Duduzane. "If we have not received any feedback, [we will] go ahead and take the action that needs to be taken," Kriel said. Kriel added that, according to the law, they need to give the NPA a fair amount of time to make a consideration.

  • Did Nigerian Prophet TB Joshua prophesy Mugabe’s removal?

    President Robert Mugabe has always told Zimbabweans not to be fooled by prophets‚ yet one of them could have seen his fall coming. A video believed to have been taken in 2014 and which is doing the rounds on social media shows Nigerian Prophet TB Joshua saying a president from a Southern African country whom he did not name would be held hostage. Meanwhile‚ for a country with "Mugabe insult laws" under Section 33 of the Criminal Law‚ jokes about the president in public or social media are high risk business but lately the unthinkable has happened and social media memes as well as jokes are in overdrive. The coup in Zimbabwe was smooth with no officially confirmed casualties and the army still insists it's not a coup but a hunt for "criminal elements".

  • OPINION: Lynne Brown remains defiant as her power unravels

    JOHANNESBURG - Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown and her deputy Ben Martins on Tuesday issued two separate statements - hours apart - in which they lashed out at the parliamentary inquiry into Eskom. Brown specifically took offence at the inquiry’s venture into state capture, warning that it ran a risk of becoming a “kangaroo court” after it heard testimony that she was a liar an “atrocious minister” and responsible for the problems in Eskom. She said she did not take instructions from anyone and that Eskom officials had misled her intentionally on the Trillian matter. Martins said he was concerned about the manner in which the hearings were being conducted. Revelations at the hearings

  • Parliamentary Reporter’s Notebook: Furore erupts over audit report undermining Gengezi Mgidlana’s disciplinary

    What got DA Chief Whip John Steenhuisen hot under the collar on Thursday was that Joint Standing Committee on the Financial Management of Parliament co-chair Vincent Smith had received a copy of the audit committee report last week, but not anyone else. That copy was handed over on Friday - by National Assembly Speaker Baleka Mbete, Daily Maverick has confirmed - two days after Parliament officially announced it had asked its Secretary to Parliament Gengezi Mgidlana to give reasons why he should not be put on cautionary suspension pending the finalisation of disciplinary hearings. Mgidlana has been on special leave at his request since 9 June pending the audit committee’s probe into what Parliament