• Another metro cop caught asking for bribe (video)

    Another video of a Johannesburg Metro Police officer allegedly soliciting a bribe from a motorist has emerged. The video, captured on a cellphone and later posted on YouTube, shows an exchange between a Johannesburg Metro Police officer and a motorist who was stopped for allegedly driving drunk. The officer then tells the unidentified motorist that a breathalyser test can be avoided if he pays R200. “We can talk now, give only R200 [and] you can go, because if [my captain and superintendent] can say you are drunk, there is no more talking”, the officer says.

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  • Bobby Brown says 'final private goodbye' to Bobbi Kristina

    Bobby Brown said his ''final private goodbye'' to his daughter Bobbi Kristina when he visited her funeral home.

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  • First lady denies knowing of plot to poison Zuma

    First lady Nompumelelo Ntuli-Zuma has denied newspaper reports that she allegedly crumbled and confessed to having knowledge of a plot to poison her husband and president of the country Jacob Zuma. The City Press is today reporting that plans are afoot to lay charges of conspiracy to commit murder against Ntuli-Zuma. The allegations surfaced following newspaper reports that the president had been poisoned and his wives were suspected of being behind it. Attorneys representing the first lady have issued a letter denying that she was part of any plot to poison the president or that she was aware of it.

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  • 'Axed' SABC presenter seeks legal advice

    SABC Ndebele weather anchor Lebo Dlamini is seeking legal advice to ascertain why her contract with the broadcaster was not renewed. As reported in The Citizen yesterday, Dlamini said she had not returned to work from maternity leave because her boss at the SABC insisted on vetting her attire before she went on air. “I am talking to a lawyer in order to take the matter further,” Dlamini said yesterday. A senior staffer, whose name has been withheld for legal reasons dismissed Dlamini’s claims.

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  • Donald Trumps calls South Africa 'a very dangerous mess'

    Donald Trump as taken to Twitter to voice his opinion on what is currently making headlines in South African news.

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  • Nicki Minaj reportedly dumps Meek Mill

    Nicki Minaj has reportedly split up with Meek Mill after he became involved in bitter feuds with her pal Drake and ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuels.

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  • Cecil the lion's hunt 'went wrong from the beginning' - Theo Bronkhorst

    Speaking exclusively to the Telegraph Bronkhorst gave a detailed account of the incident that has left his hunting business devastated by the international fury directed at him since US dentist Walter Palmer shot Cecil in Zimbabwe. Cecil, aged about 13, had a distinctive black mane and was a popular tourist attraction among visitors to Hwange National Park. The Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force charity claims Palmer and Bronkhorst had gone out at night with a spotlight and tied a dead animal to their vehicle to lure Cecil into range.

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  • Montsho finds happiness

    Every day for two years, Mmabatho Montsho was a nervous wreck while shooting scenes on Generations. Montsho played the role of Lumka Dlomo, villain Sibusiso's daughter. Being a perfectionist, Montsho felt she did not have enough training to handle such a big role.

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  • EFF items burnt over Malema's 'dictatorship'

    Enraged Economic Freedom Fighters in Limpopo yesterday allegedly burnt party paraphernalia in a protest against what they called ‘dictatorship’ of their leader Julius Malema. The items included a poster bearing Malema’s face and what appeared to be T-shirts, overalls and CDs of EFF’s struggle songs. Junior told Saturday Citizen the items were burnt by disgruntled EFF members somewhere in the Vhembe district in Limpopo. “People defend Malema unnecessarily.

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  • Zuma receives Phiyega's response

    The presidency says Riah Phiyega submitted her response just before 11pm last night.

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  • This Is Why Hogwarts Is Actually The Worst School

    1. J.K. Rowling revealed last week that Hogwarts is a tuition-free school. 2. That’s great and all, but it doesn’t change the fact that Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is the worst school ever. How, you ask, could a school that produced some of the greatest witches and wizards of our time (which TBH doesn’t necessarily include Harry Potter), a school that teaches MAGIC, be a bad school? 3. First off, the school is filled with dangerous monsters.

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  • Jimmy Tau hands over R200,000 lobolo for wealthy girlfriend

    A celebration in honour of Tau and his girlfriend, Sizakele Manonga apparently took place in the lavish suburb of Pretoria East two weeks ago. The family bash was to celebrate Tau finishing off lobola for Manonga whom he got engaged to a few months ago. According to Sunday Sun, Tau paid the hefty amount to the Manonga family who are known for their immense wealth - they own a mansion with fourteen bedrooms on a private estate and are in possession of more than 30 German cars.

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  • White settlers never stole any land from Africans: iLIVE

    Black Africans never owned any land. Black Africans NEVER owned any land. Who "disadvantaged" the 'black' people of the interior in Southern Africa before the (supposed) belligerent 'white' settlers moved inland in the mid 19th century..? As certainly, what the 'settlers' found was not a hugely advanced infrastructure, deep mines, airports, vast libraries of written works, grandiose institutions of learning, etc. No, as little as 170 years ago they found masses of black people (indigenous to the Southern tip of Africa, The San) living on the fringes of the stone age.

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  • Get the sound of music on big screen - Movies | Tonight

    Paul Blom started organising the Sound on Screen Music Film Festival and the Horrorfest because he finds that underground documentaries and movies are much more interesting than commercial fare. Blom says it was incredibly good timing that netted him a screening of Gogol Bordello – Non Stop (Sat, 8pm). The documentary sees filmmaker Margarita Jimeno track the gypsy punk band from Manhattan’s Lower East side as they grow from dingy basements to international main stages, from NYC to Italy, between 2001 and 2007. “But the crowds were pulling in,” explained Blom.

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  • Rand hits fresh 14-year low

    THE rand continued to capitulate against the dollar on Friday, sinking to a fresh 14-year low against the greenback amid mounting concerns about interest rate hikes in the US. The local currency was at R13.9776 against the euro from a previous close of R13.8831 and at R19.8630 to the British pound from R19.8091 previously. Investec economist Annabel Bishop attributed the sharp weakening of the rand to the acceleration in US gross domestic product (GDP) and the latest US Federal Reserve’s Federal open market committee (FOMC) monetary policy statement, with the perceived chance of a September "lift-off" for interest rate hikes in the US increasing. The rand had also been driven weaker by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) threatening to pull out of the next bail-out for Greece if the Hellenic State did not agree to sweeping reforms, she said in a note.

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  • From shocking to bizarre: SA's list of fakes and their flaky stories

    For more than three decades, Jordan was regarded abroad and in South Africa as one of the country's best political brains, with a doctorate from the London School of Economics. If Jordan's story was shocking, the one involving SABC chairwoman Ellen Tshabalala is downright bizarre. Tshabalala was appointed to the SABC board late last year as part of the government's strategy to turn around the fortunes of the public broadcaster. Tshabalala promised to provide evidence that she did have the degree.

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  • Zimbabwe: Impunity Sinking Zimbabwe Into Poverty, Hunger

    If we are to understand the future of agriculture in Zimbabwe we need to understand the past. Why was Zimbabwe such a successful country agriculturally in the past? By 1975, the UN Agricultural Year Book ranked Zimbabwe second in the world for yields of maize, wheat, soya and groundnuts, and third for cotton. There is not a single natural lake in Zimbabwe, and yet when you fly over Zimbabwe you see bodies of water everywhere.

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  • Killer campus cop to face music alone - World News | IOL News

    EPA A frame grab from a body cam video released on 29 July 2015 by the Office of the Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney shows University of Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing with his gun drawn as approaches the vehicle containing the body of Samuel DuBose after shooting him during a traffic stop in Cincinnati, Ohio. Cincinnati, Ohio - Two University of Cincinnati police officers who were interviewed about the death of an unarmed black motorist at the hands of a fellow officer will not face charges, a prosecutor said on Friday.

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  • White business to feel the whip

    The Department of Labour Court issued the threat after receiving the Commission for Employment Equity's latest report into transformation in the workplace. The "alarmed" acting chairman of the commission, Tabea Magodielo, said it found that white people continued to dominate top management structures, particularly in the economic hub of Gauteng. The commission has now called for tougher action, including the docking of annual turnover, depending on a company's size. Businesses fear the possible arrest of directors as part of the Department of Labour's drive to punish insufficient transformation.

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  • Outpouring of affection for Oscar - Crime & Courts | IOL News

    In 20 days, Pistorius will walk out of the Kgosi Mumpuru prison in Pretoria. Pistorius was found guilty of culpable homicide for shooting dead his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine’s Day in 2013. In June, Correctional Services officials confirmed Pistorius would be releasedinto house arrest on August 21 after having spent less than a year behind bars.

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