• Nicki Minaj's ex covers up tattoo of her face

    Nicki Minaj's ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuels has covered up his final tattoo of her face with a bed of roses. Safaree Samuels - who dated the 'Anaconda' hitmaker for 14 years before she dumped him last year - has had a bed of roses inked over his final body art tribute to her. The 34-year-old rapper fuelled rumours he'd split from the 32-year-old star in 2014 after he replaced etchings of her face and name on his chest with a rose and locket and key design. Alongside a split image of a Marilyn Monroe-inspired portrait of Nicki and a rose tattoo design, iAmCompton wrote: ''and u think yo job is hard.

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  • Nigerian Air Force Destroys Boko Haram's Solar Panels

    The solar panels are believed to have been used by Boko Haram for electricity in Sambisa forest.

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  • Photos of drowned Syrian boy shock world as refugee crisis grows

    Harrowing pictures of a drowned Syrian toddler washed up on a Turkish beach brought home the horror of the escalating refugee crisis on Thursday as Europe was accused of letting the Mediterranean become a "cemetery" for migrants. Ugly scenes erupted meanwhile in Hungary as migrants refused to get off a train to be moved to a camp, prompting Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to lash out at Germany over its handling of the spiralling situation. Europe remained deeply divided over the response to the worst crisis of its kind since World War II, despite the heartbreaking images of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi lying dead in the surf after the boat taking his family to Greece sank.

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  • Drinking a bottle of water before a meal facilitates weight loss

    Obesity is a growing public safety concern in America and many other countries. Researchers from the University of Birmingham in England may have found a simple solution to help these people lose weight. The study, which will be published in the September issue of Obesity, indicates that people who drink water before breakfast, lunch and dinner end up losing weight faster than those who don't. The first group was comprised of 41 people who were instructed to drink 500ml of water 30 minutes before their three daily meals every day for 12 weeks.

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  • The Big Read: ANC dresses our economic saviour in the devil's robes

    Whoever authored the international relations policy documents for the upcoming ANC national general council meeting ignored Voltaire's wise warning. Here is one nugget from our ruling party document: "The US does not appreciate the resurgence of Russia and China as dominant factors in the arena of international power relations.

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  • Australian man claims he is Jesus Christ reincarnated, garners followers

    Alan John Miller of Kingaroy in the state of Queensland, runs a religious movement known as the Divine Truth from his home, says Sky News. According to the Daily Mail, the presence of Miller and Luck has sparked a property boom in the area - appropriately dubbed Queensland's Bible Belt. Some 30 followers have aggressively bought much of the land surrounding Miller's compound, where he has been living since 2007, leaving very little available to locals.

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  • South Africa: EFF's Nkandla Battle - Constitutional Court Will Decide If Zuma Should #paybackthemoney

    When the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF)announced earlier this year that they were taking President Jacob Zuma to the Constitutional Court over Nkandla, many legal minds were sceptical as to whether the country's highest court would grant the matter direct access. The EFF wants the court to tell the president to pay back the money. "We'll see you in court," Julius Malema told President Jacob Zuma on the last occasion on which he appeared in Parliament to answer questions.

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  • NEWS ANALYSIS: SA and Nigeria feel the pain of China’s new focus

    DISAPPOINTING growth in Africa’s two largest economies has highlighted the role of China in the global economy, now that China’s own economy is slowing. Expectations of more than 4% growth in Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy, are probably now too high, and SA’s prospects also look in need of revising. On Tuesday, the latest purchasing managers’ data showed the weakest growth in six-and-a-half years for small-to mid-sized China manufacturers and the weakest in three years for larger enterprises in that country. Economists had been warning that commodity-exporting countries would be troubled by China’s rebalancing to a more consumer-driven economy.

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  • Black on the outside white on the inside

    Instead of becoming the trusted go-betweens between black and white, we are turning to conceptions of blackness and mobilising our anger at the very idea of the Rainbow Nation. The fantasy of a colour-blind, post-race South Africa has been projected onto Coconuts but our lived experiences are far from free of racism. A "coconut" is described as a person who is black on the outside but white on the inside. According to Coconut McKaiser, knowledge of "white grammar" is how you would know that, for example, a "sarmie" is a sandwich or that "bru" and "oke" are white-speak for "mfwethu".

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  • Nigeria: Passage - Reclusive and Mysterious Billionaire, Deinde Fernandez, Dies At 79

    Antonio Oladeinde Fernandez, billionaire business magnate, diplomat, mining tycoon, Permanent Representative of Central African Republic to the United Nations, is dead. Deinde Fernandez, as he was popularly known, died on Tuesday in a private hospital in Belgium. Born in Lagos in 1936 to one of the first European migrants to the city, Mr. Fernadez grew up to become one of Nigeria's most mysterious and reclusive billionaires with properties in several African countries as well as in Europe and America. Two years later, he became a Deputy Permanent Representative of Mozambique to the United Nations.

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  • Gaddafi billions found in SA

    The Sunday Times has established that Libyan investigators have already met top government officials to discuss locating, securing and repatriating the loot brought here by Gaddafi and his children. The investigators believe there is evidence of more than $1-billion in cash, gold and diamonds being held by four banks and two security companies in South Africa. It could be the largest haul of Libyan assets found until now, although it is only a fraction of the estimated $80-billion of Gaddafi's foreign assets.

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  • Johannesburg: City with most dollar millionaires in Africa

    Johannesburg, Jozi, or Egoli - the city of gold: call it what you like but it is still the city with the biggest number of dollar millionaires on the continent.

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  • Garage robbery attempt ends in death of gunman - Cape Times

    INLSA A suspected robber was shot dead and his accomplice wounded while a third man escaped after a foiled robbery at a garage near Cape Town International Airport yesterday. ONE of three suspected robbers was shot dead during a shootout with private security after a foiled robbery at a garage near Cape Town International Airport yesterday. Shots were fired and two men fled the scene taking a rifle they wrestled from a private security guard. Police spokesperson FC van Wyk said the shooting at the garage happened after three men tried to rob a cigarette delivery vehicle.

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  • Promiscuity is murdering us

    Why does South Africa have the largest HIV-positive population in the world? DA leader Helen Zille asked these questions in her statement on Sunday, "Tackling the new Aids denialism", - and she was also kind enough to give us the answer to bringing our HIV-infection rate under control. Zille said the reason we top the list of countries with the largest number of people living with HIV is because we are unfaithful. Quoting Dr Helen Epstein's book, The Invisible Cure on the HIV Pandemic in South Africa, Zille said the only countries in Africa that have turned the Aids pandemic around are those that have focussed on partner reduction.

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  • White business to feel the whip

    The Department of Labour Court issued the threat after receiving the Commission for Employment Equity's latest report into transformation in the workplace. The "alarmed" acting chairman of the commission, Tabea Magodielo, said it found that white people continued to dominate top management structures, particularly in the economic hub of Gauteng. The commission has now called for tougher action, including the docking of annual turnover, depending on a company's size. Businesses fear the possible arrest of directors as part of the Department of Labour's drive to punish insufficient transformation.

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  • Details: Rapper AKA and Zinhle split saga gets ugly

    According to Sunday Sun, Zinhle found out about AKA's cheating ways when she found smses exchanged between him and Bonang Matheba. The two are said to have started seeing each other behind Zinhle's back. A source told Sunday Sun that Zinhle and AKA were leading separate lives even while she was pregnant. A well-known DJ had already tipped Zinhle off that AKA’s illicit love affair had blossomed at Metro FM.

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  • Why Bieber broke down on the MTV stage - Tonight News

    Matt Sayles/Invision/AP Justin Bieber breaks down in tears after performing at the MTV

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  • Is United losing its identity? - Premier League

    AP Louis Van Gaal took United from seventh back into the Champions League and there are some very good players in his squad. London - How much money is it going to take for Manchester United to become Barclays Premier League champions again? Louis van Gaal has been in charge for over a year and United’s net spend is around £170million. Van Gaal took United from seventh back into the Champions League and there are some very good players in his squad.

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